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Want to Serve with an Action Sports Ministry in China?

Have you ever wanted to serve with an action sports ministry in southern China? Here is your chance!  You will have the opportunity to be a part of Ardent Skatepark’s outreaches, an English corner, professional skate/BMX demos, competitions, and musical events. These activities are used to reach different communities in the province. Christ has a powerful plan for this region and we would like to invite you to be a part of that.

The skatepark was founded in 2008 by Drew F., a professional skater and the skateparks Operations Director. Drew moved to Southwest China with the dream of establishing a world class facility that would impact the Chinese skating and BMX cultures. It is a For-Profit business that not only serves the skateboarding and BMX communities of China, but also anyone that does not yet know the full love of Jesus.

Vision of the team

The vision is for Kunming and Yunnan to be a city and region where the unreached are extinct and where the gospel abounds, both in word and deed. Unreached also includes counter-culture communities such as skateboarders, artists, and BMXers.

Mission of the team

Aim to turn the unreached of southwest China into unashamed, unwavering followers of Jesus.

Objective of the park

To offer a world class skate facility, whereby skaters/BMXers, artists, and the general public can come together, connect, and enjoy life together. By “walking-life” with the skaters/BMXers, artists, their families, and the community at large we can show them what the true love of Jesus looks like.

Slogan: A way in the wilderness, a highway in the midst of chaos; a professional quality facility, where one can experience the life changing power of Jesus.- Isaiah 40:3-5 To show the positive influence that skateboarding, BMXing, and creative arts activities have had and will continue to have in China.

Mission of the park

As Southern China’s first professional quality indoor skatepark the mission is to provide professional and quality programs and events to skaters/BMXers of all levels.  And to also provide training in a safe and encouraging environment that will allow skaters/BMXers to develop their skills to a world class level, while creating a connection point for young people to meet with Jesus. We also want to provide a meeting place were creative minds such as artists and musicians can come together and share their art with the community. Through these activities we know Jesus will use us to positively influence the community around the skatepark and beyond.

Vision of the park

The vision is for the transformation of Chinese skate and other counter cultures: to see skateboarding, BMXing, and creative arts in China become synonymous with “the way, the truth, and the life” – John 14:6.

What being a part of the team looks like

We would like you to commit to serving with us 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or more in Kunming (the Spring City).

Your time with the park would include:

  1. Assisting the park with hosting skate/BMX demos and competitions (Nike, Vans, DC, Shox, etc.)

  2. Being a part of an English corner (spring/fall semesters)

  3. Assisting with outreaches (skate, BMX, or art lessons,  skate/BMX demos, small groups, village and school trips)

  4. Working the in skate shop (selling product, meeting customers, hanging with our neighbors)

  5. Assisting with hosting events such as concerts, etc

If you serve 6 months or more your time would also include taking Chinese lessons. It is highly recommended that you take language classes, but it is up to you if you feel you need them or not.

Your expenses would include:

  1. Visa

o   Cost $140 if US citizens, less than $50 if from other countries

o   3 months: Tourist (L)

  1. 30 days (seek assistance on how to file for longer than 30 days)

o   6 months: Student (X) (the school you apply to will send an invite letter and instructions) + school tuition

  1. 4 weeks 1-on-1 Chinese class $1890

  2. 4 months small group Chinese class $650

o   1 year: Student Resident (X) (the school you apply to will send an invite letter and instructions) + school tuition

  1. Two 4 week 1-on-1 Chinese class $1890/session

  2. Two 4 months small group Chinese class $650/session

o   Note: School costs only apply to Keats Language School. Other schools prices may vary.

  1. Rent: low end $167/month, high end $334/month

  2. Utilities

o   Water: high end $15/month

o   Gas: high end $15/month

o   Electric: avg high end $100/month

  1. Transportation (public – bus, train, taxi): avg use $67/month, high use $150/month

  2.       Food

o   eating out 3 times a day: low end $35/week, high end $175/week

o   buying small groceries everyday: low end $50/week, high end $200/week

  1. Cell phone (avg use): high end $20/month

  2. Internet: high end $20/month

  3. Optional:

o   Drinking water delivered to your home: $25 for 30 large bottles

o   VPN (it’s the only way to use Facebook, YouTube, and other similar services)

  1. There are different services out there. Pricing would be up to you.

We hope that you can join our team. Your presence and influence here in China can and will change the lives of the people you meet. It is important that as Believers we help those around us that don’t understand His mercy and grace learn more about Him through our lives as His hands and feet. We need to act now, not tomorrow. Let’s show the world the love of Jesus through our lives as passionate children of the Creator.

If you are interested in being a part of what Jesus is doing in China send an email to to find out more details!

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