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Why do Ministry on the Water?

Why wakeboard ministry? Growing up I lived all my summers in and around the great 10,000 lakes of Minnesota. The lake not only cools you down on a extremely humid day, but also provides a place of open terrain that is unconquerable even to a technologically rich nation such as the United States. Thus, many of my summer childhood memories take place on the lake. If you add in my competitive nature to always challenge myself, then you can see why wakeboarding has been such a great way for me to escape the busyness of the city and go back to those early memories out on the water.

I love wakeboard ministry because it is my way of giving back to what God so graciously gave me. It may seem silly to say that a simple piece of wood gliding across the water was such a great gift from God, but it is. There are so many churches in the Midwest region that do a wonderful job reaching out to the public on land, but who is reaching out to those that find their ways out to the uncharted waters. The answer to this question should be, Christians. Many Christians do not notice the need as we do at WakeWell, because there are no walls and little to no structure. Therefore, in reality it is a sticky mess that is a great tool for building up the Kingdom of God. At WakeWell we strive to immerse ourselves into our local wakeboard culture. We do this through attending and serving at local contests, inviting local riders to wakeboard for free, and organizing contests and trips.

Why does this matter? When Jesus was teaching his disciples he often used activities and props to explain his points. Wakeboarding is that activity. Our target is to reach those who identify themselves as water sport fanatics and introduce them to Jesus. Therefore, every contest, camp, trip and lesson involves hearing about the good news of Christ. We believe and stand for the restoration that Christ brought and want to transform wakeboard culture.

To find out more about WakeWellMN click here!

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