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Remember last Christmas when you tried to explain which skateboard wheels or snowboard bindings you wanted? Maybe mom and dad just opted to buy you a sweater instead… Last year we had tons of parents who didn’t know what their kids wanted, rushing into Help Boardshop right before Christmas. So this year we created the wishlist to help riders get exactly what they want!

Using the form below riders can submit a wishlist. The expert elves at Help Boardshop will work to get the items on your wishlist at the best possible pricing. We will send your gifter (your parents, grandparents, girl/boyfriend, etc) your list and work with them to get you what you want. Our helpers will even gift wrap it for free! You just need to tell us what you want before December 18th so we can get it for you before Christmas!

Three easy steps:

  1. Tell us about yourself: We want to make sure we get exactly what you want, so let us know who you are and if our elves have any questions we can reach out to you directly.

  2. Tell us about your gifter: Your gifter is the person who you think would buy the items on your wishlist for you! By giving us their information, we can send them your wishlist and help them get you exactly what you want!

  3. Tell us what you want: We can’t guarantee every item on your wishlist but we will do our best to get everything we can at the best possible price. If you know exactly what you want, give us the brand name, product/item name and size (add multiple items by clicking the plus sign). If you are unsure of the exact details tell us as much as you can in the description box and we will do our best to find what you are looking for before we send your wishlist off to your gifter.

Here is a list of brands that we typically carry: Academy Snowboards, Almost, Anti-Hero, Arbor, Axeman Gloves, Baker, Banshee Bungee, Bern, Birdhouse, Black Magic, Bones, Chocolate, Cliché, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, Destructo, Element, Emerica, Enjoi, Es, Etnies, Flip, Foundation, Girl, Grizzly, Help Boardshop, Independent, Jessup, Krooked, Minilogo, Mob, Nitro, Oakley, Organika, Penny, Protech, Rad Gloves, Real, Reliance, Ride Snowboards, Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Send Help, Shorty’s, Siren, Spirfire, Stance, Stereo, Technine, Thunder, Toy Machine, Untitled, Venture, Vox, Zany Earth, Zero, Z-Flex, Zion Snowboards, Zoo York and more…

Questions? Shoot us an email at

Wishlist Form

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