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2019 Snowboard Trip Recap

2019 Snowboard Trip/Season Recap

JSAW finished the 2019 snowboard season by taking a group trip up north to Giants Ridge and Spirit Mountain. A group of 7 of us went and met up with another group from SFC (Skiers & Snowboarders for Christ) for 2 days of riding, worship and studying Luke 14:25-35. It was a challenging message about the cost of following Jesus and how we can put ‘nothing and nobody before Jesus.’ Saturday was sunny and hot which made for fun, slushy riding at Giants Ridge. A girl from the SFC group fell off a rail in the terrain park and shattered her kneecap. So Sunday morning we went to the hospital for a quick visit to encourage her after surgery before riding at Spirit Mountain for the day. At Spirit it was windy, cool and the melted snow from the day before had refrozen into ice. Everyone made the best of it and we had quite a bit of fun as the sun poked through and softened up the snow.

The 18/19 season was a busy one. Every week we had our 2 program staff who snowboard riding at Elm Creek and Hyland Hills. We were able to connect one to one with 46 riders throughout the season on the hill and we served an additional 80 through events like Love a Lifty and Minute to Kill It. As we look back over the season the theme of presence stands out. Being there, on the rope, riding all season long allows JSAW’s staff to make a lasting impact. God’s great rescue plan for us was to send his son Jesus to die on the cross and be raised to life. God’s great rescue plan also included sending Christ into our world, to live with and lead men to God. Jesus invested an incredible amount of time being with people and that is what we work to emulate on the hill. The time invested in being there and serving gives us the authenticity and trust to speak truth into a riders life.

As we wrap up the 18/19 snow season, we want to say thank you to all our donors and volunteers who empower JSAW to be transforming action sports culture by making riders into disciples!

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