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All Nighter Report

All Nighter Report

On Friday November 8th, JSAW had an all night lock in at Help Boardshop. This consisted of games, hanging out, eating pizza, reading scripture and lots of skateboarding. Throughout the event we got to discuss and teach some truths about the gospel. We had three Bible studies asking three questions:

  1. Who is Jesus to you?

  2. Who is Jesus historically?

  3. Why did Jesus come?

The first question sparked some real good discussion. We had riders who thought very little about Jesus, some who thought Jesus was a good man and some who thought that Jesus was simply a character from the Bible. We left the discussion open to get their brains thinking and preparing them for the next question.

In the second session we talked about who Jesus is historically and showed pictures from when Josiah, JSAW’s Program Leader, went to Israel. This surprised quite a few of the riders, who had no idea certain places in the Bible were real places! Several of them expressed more interest in learning more about Israel and the places Jesus had walked. They were asking questions, “Did all of that stuff really happen?” and, “Wait those are real places?”

Finally in the last session near 3am, our Program Leaders read the crucifixion story according to Mark. Several of the riders never heard this before and they all listened quietly. After reading we shared the Gospel and prayed a prayer with them to receive Jesus. We encouraged them to think deeper about what they had seen and heard. All in all it was a really fun night and we can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again!

-Josiah Kimball

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