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Cocoa and Wax

Hello JSAW partners,

This past week JSAW hosted one of its’ famous hot cocoa and wax nights. It all went down on a Wednesday night shortly after Bible study. A variety of people  ranging from 11-30 years old showed up for the opportunity to receive a free ski and snowboard wax.

One guy that stopped by I met at Hyland Hills two weeks prior. He was hanging out with one of Hyland’s star snowboard coaches. I approached this coach as I normally do when I see him with a cordial smile and a desire to know more about how his riders are doing locally and around the nation. As we were talking he introduced me to his friend. I brought up how we do Bible studies every Wednesday night at Help Boardshop and he was immediately interested. Shortly after that encounter he decided to make his way into the shop and spend some time with us in God’s Word on a Wednesday night. How awesome is that! There was also another rider that stopped by that night coincidentally, but as Christians we know that there is no such thing as coincidences. He came into the shop just as a staff member and I were waxing other riders’ snowboards. He approached us with a few questions about skateboards and then mentioned that he loves to snowboard at Trollhaugen. A few moments later I shared with him that we were providing free snowboard and ski waxes that night for everyone. A light bulb went off in his 20 year old brain as he realized that he still had his snowboard in his car from riding the day before. I told him to bring it in and from that moment I was able to invite him to our weekly riding sessions at Hyland Hills. You never know we may see him on the hill next week and it could be an opportunity to invite him to Bible study.

These were only two relationships that I personally made but as you can see God is clearly at work at JSAW in many wonderful and sometimes mysterious ways. I am blessed to be a part of such a creative and effective ministry. Please continue to pray for JSAW and its’ riders.

Have a blessed day,  

Jake Tastad

Program Director, JSAW

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