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End of Snow Season Report

End of Snow Season Report

JSAW has been making a considerable effort to reach riders at multiple ski resorts for Christ this winter. How did it really work? At the beginning of the year we assigned three ski resorts to three JSAW workers; one at each. Their roles were to meet new riders, encourage and invite them to JSAW’s weekly bible studies. Now, that the season is over we would like to share with you how each one felt their season went.

Hello, my name is Jake and I spent my winter serving at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, MN. In my eyes the season went really well. I met tons of new riders! One rider came to Help Boardshop asking for help planning a rail jam. He is 15 years old and wanted to use his snowboarding skills and influence to raise money and food for an inner city school. The school needed help because it had just lost government funding for its’ weekend meal programming. I assisted him as a judge in the contest and by sharing his event on social media using JSAW’s platform. He isn’t a Christian but through this experience I know he sees me differently than just an ordinary rider. This difference is obviously the Holy Spirit but that difference was what led him to come to me when he needed help. I found myself in situations this season like that where riders were opening up to me about very dark and deep issues going on in their lives. I found these times hard but amazing because I was given the opportunity to speak Jesus into their lives. My hope is that as I get to know them all much more next year God will open their hearts and minds up to attending JSAW’s weekly bible studies. This mission isn’t easy but worth more than its weight in gold.

Hello, my name is Andrew and Elm Creek is where I was serving this season. I met many different people from all walks of life. One junior high rider in particular stood out. At first, he was very stiff and not that coordinated. Then God allowed me to see past his cold nature. He had a bit of a mouth of him which got him in trouble with some of the other riders. I had heard stories of the other riders his age fighting and beating him. This is a dude who just needs some encouragement and a friend. So, I introduced myself and rode together one evening. Some heat came my way from some younger riders because I “shouldn’t be hanging out with him.” Jesus communed with the lowest of people and that spurred me on to at least not be ashamed of hanging out with him. As the weeks went on he got really excited to see me and always asked me to watch his new tricks. I noticed slight changes to his behavior around other riders and more people were kinder to him. Although I didn’t change everyone’s life and I didn’t cast a demon out, I know that God presence was there through me and others at Elm this year.

To top off the season JSAW adventured to Giant’s Ridge and Spirit Mountain late March. We partnered with Skiers and Snowboarders for Christ and True North Youth Retreat. These partnerships allowed us to bring riders at a low cost and meet many believers that love snowboarding as much as we do! The trip consisted of games, worship, speakers, and of course lots of snowboarding. We even jumped into a mellow rail jam contest at Giants Ridge that just happened to be going on when we were there. One of the nights all the guys circled up for a short devotional. The devotional centered on the idea that God is our Heavenly Father. Our conversation was not easy because some of riders didn’t grow up with a father at home or a loving father. As this brokenness spilled out of their hearts we listened and shared our experiences. I learned a great lesson that night. I learned that sometimes the best ministry is done when you don’t have all the right answers but when you sit and listen to the tough stuff going on in people’s lives. God has worked in incredible ways this winter and JSAW is so pumped to be part of it! Thanks for all your support and continue to pray for JSAW.



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