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JSAW Snow Outreach

JSAW Snow Outreach

We started our snowboarding outreach in mid-November and have been riding at Hyland every Tuesday and Thursday since. Our staff riding at Hyland allows us to stay connected with some of the skaters who switch to snowboarding during the winter and reach new riders who don’t come into Help Boardshop. We always invite riders to meet us out on the hill to ride with them and support them. This year I have been able to ride regularly with a group of about 6 younger snowboarders and work with them on learning new tricks. I spent some time on the hill to ask the riders why they like snowboarding with the JSAW program leaders and here is what they said:

Wyatt said that he rides with us because it’s chill and he knows he has someone to hang out with. He said that by riding with JSAW program leaders he has learned how to better respect others.

Adam said he likes to ride with JSAW as much as possible because the program leaders are super helpful and encouraging. As a result, he has learned that he is more capable than he thought.

Will said he has grown on and off the hill from riding with JSAW. He just learned how to boardslide and he said he has learned to be more kind.

Alex recently expressed interest in snowboarding so I spent a day teaching him. Shortly after, our first time out at Hyland, he came to me asking what it means to have a mentor because he had heard that his friends are being mentored. I explained to him what it meant and that it’s a great way to dig deeper into the bible and he told me he really wanted to be set up with a mentor.

Among all the riders I talked to, they all said that riding and hanging out with JSAW program leaders made them feel more welcome and be more likely to come to bible study. By talking to these riders, it spoke to the importance of us meeting them where they are both physically and spiritually.  Thanks for all your support! Ben

Check in with these riders by watching this video:

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