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Opportunity to Serve in Slovenia!

Opportunity to Serve in Slovenia

“NAVEZA Kor” with Josiah Venture & Snowboarders for Christ

NAVEZA – A Slovenian alpinism term for a small-connected group on a mission to climb a Mountain. Kor – Stands for Koroska, a small northern region in Slovenia with currently one evangelical church of 15 people.

Our friends in Slovenia are looking for 2-4 college-aged students who are solid in their walk with Jesus and are ready to engage cross-culturally for the spreading of the Kingdom!

»What: Naveza Kor is an active/reflective short-term community on mission. Naveza Kor offers some unique distinctives and exciting possibilities for Josiah Venture and SFC International. Christ’s commission is to reach the nations and Naveza Kor will provide an intercultural discipleship experience for University aged students to move out on mission to Slovenia. Due to the high level of English proficiency in Slovenia and the lack of existing ministry in Koroska, Naveza Kor offers an ideal environment for students to get their hands dirty in the grassroots work of cross cultural missions. It also strikes the balance between “in the seats” and “on the streets” as we will be digging into the Bible and Theology for the purpose of mission. The internship will be facilitated through Josiah Venture and one of the main areas of outreach will be to the snowriding culture in Slovenia. »When: October 1, 2015 – April 18, 2016 »Cost: Roughly $8,000 (includes: monthly living expenses, ministry expenses, and airfare)

Students will need a sending church and a support team for prayer and finances.

This internship is not for the faint of heart or struggling brothers, but is a great opportunity to be trained in and engage in cross cultural shred ministry!

If you are interested, please contact Hondo at!

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