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People Love Printing Forward

Printing Forward is an online print store that JSAW operates to produce funds for action sports ministries. We sell printing services and the profits are turned into grants. We get to support incredible ministries, and we also have some of the best customers in the world. Let me introduce you to Kelly, an administrator at a law firm, who also volunteers her time to help a high school orchestra. She just sent us this encouraging note:

I picked up the books for the orchestra yesterday (gifts that I give the graduating students).  The final books were so much nicer than what I gave out last year, and only 10% of the cost of last year’s books, that I feel like a fool for not using this system sooner.  The seniors, and the parents, were so impressed with the quality that I am going to ask that all of the orchestra items be printed by Printing Forward in the future. The blessing of having this product available lowered my stress so much that I could deal with the other items that went wrong this week in other areas, and not have to worry at all about the printing or that the books would be anything other than perfect. Kelly B   Law Firm Administrator

Click here to take a look at all that Printing Forward has to offer and please share the love with your friends!

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