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Rider Spotlight – Adam Hodson

Rider Spotlight – Adam Hodson

Personal: My name is Adam. I attend South View Middle School. There are 5 in my family – mom, dad, a brother and a sister. My favorite hobby is skating and my dream is to one day be a pro skateboarder.

Favorite pro rider? Jamie Foy

What’s your favorite brand? Creature

What’s your local park? Help

What’s your hype music? 90s rap

Skills outside of riding? I snowboard and play football

Why do you ride? For the pure fun of it

Faith: What does being a Christ-follower mean to you? What does being a disciple of Jesus mean to you? Being a Christ follower to me means I will always know I have someone to turn to when I’m not feeling good or down on my luck. When I first heard of Christ, I was probably 5 or 6  when my grandmother took me to church.

JSAW: How did you get connected with JSAW? / How have you been affected/changed by being a part of JSAW? / What do you like about JSAW? / What do you not like about JSAW? The first time I heard of JSAW was when my friend Logan told me about Help and what they were about so I decided to check them out.  Since then, I’ve been coming to the park as much as possible and being involved as much as I can by going to events, etc.  I can really say JSAW has changed my life for the better. I’ve met so many new people and they have really opened my eyes to God.

Prayer requests: 

  1. I pray for everyone at JSAW and Help to be safe

  2. I pray that my little siblings grow up to be successful

  3.  I pray that we can get more people to come to help and donate to JSAW

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