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Rider Spotlight – Mason Erickson

Six years ago, JSAW did a demo at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Bloomington. In the crowd was seven-year-old Mason Erickson. Who would have guessed that a small demo would bring one of our most dedicated riders? Although, he didn’t get into skateboarding right away, it is amazing how God was prepping him even then.

The next time Mason connected with JSAW was one year ago when he started skateboarding. Now, he has been coming to the shop almost every day for about a year. The kind of drive for progression he has on his skateboard is not like many other thirteen-year-old boys. He said that if he were to become anything it would be a pro skateboarder. Everyday, his bag of tricks grows and he is finding himself needing different and bigger features to test himself on. Our park cannot hold his growing ability or his personality. Mason lives in Bloomington with his grandpa and his great grandma. On the rare occasion that he isn’t here at the shop, he likes to hang out with his friends at Valleyfair. Mason is an 8th grader at Oak Grove middle school.

I asked Mason how JSAW and the shop have affected his life. He said JSAW provides him a safe place where he can escape troubles and just be with his friends. He also expressed that Help Boardshop has been and is still where he grows closer to Jesus. So, I asked him what being a Christ follower looked like, “It means you learn about Jesus and follow his example. And tell people about Him.”

I am so proud to see him grow and push himself. I can see that God has been and will continue to do amazing things in his life.

Andrew Olson Program Staff

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