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Serving Skiers & Snowboarders in Montana

Skiers and Snowboarders for Christ (SFC) is all about being the light of Jesus to the snowriding culture. SFC Bozeman recently received a grant from JSAW to host two events serving the shred culture around Bozeman, Montana. Their goal was to go to the riders, build relationships and be an option for others to explore faith. So they offered a free ski and snowboard wax for everyone. While they waxed their gear they had the opportunity to hang out and talk with the riders. For the second event SFC Bozeman made cookies and over 50 peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwiches to give out to the ski patrol and lift operators at three mountains around Bozeman. They also attached fun personal notes, thanking them what they do on the mountain. One of the SFC Bozeman leaders shared this story:

One of the liftys that we gave a sandwich to was very hesitant. As he reached for his wallet he even asked how much we wanted for the sandwich. We told him we just wanted to serve the staff at the mountain and we thanked him for what he was doing. His attitude instantly changed from one of obligation to give us money and hesitation, to pure stoke that we cared about him. Seeing the liftys reactions when we told them we had made them lunch was a great experience. A few even said we had made their day. I don’t think the ski patrol and lift operators get thanked very often or are cared for, so our simple act of making them food made a big impact. I struggle with having the courage to witness to the shred culture sometimes, due to the fact that there is a generally hostile or turned off attitude toward Christians that comes from skiers and snowboarders. Both of these events were good opportunities for me personally to push my limits and get out of my comfort zone by being identified as a Christian snowboarder.

SFC Bozeman accomplished their goal of going to the shred community, building relationships and being available to others. Now because of these two service projects the local skiers and snowboarders in Bozeman have a light they can identify in their community, they have people they can turn to with questions! Jesus modeled this for us in his interactions with people.

In John 4 we see Jesus taking a trip through Samaria on purpose. He meets the Samaritan woman at the well and engages her in conversation that actually leads to her believing in Christ as her Savior. Then he spent two days with her family and they also believe! Jesus intentionally built relationships and he made himself available to others. We are so pumped to see the leaders at SFC Bozeman following in Christ’s footsteps. We are praying the relationships they have built will lead to riders following Jesus. Will you pray for SFC Bozeman with us? How are you intentionally serving your community? Are you making yourself available to the lost?

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