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SFC Slovenia Grant Report

Grant Report for SFC Slovenia

This past winter JSAW provided SFC

One of the high school guys who went on the retreat named Klemen came to know Jesus two years ago. Now he is fired up on Jesus and snowboarding. He tries to throw back flips off of everything! Klemen and his buddy Blake hosted “Wax and Snax” hangouts to reach out to their fellow high school shredders. Klemen led one of his classmates to Jesus, went snowboarding with guys as much as he could and just finished the season with the SFC Glacier Spring Shred they hosted in Austria. It has been great to see this Slovene guy be the light of Jesus in the snow riding culture of Slovenia. Below is a video that Klemen made this season.

Hondo also shared another story about an aluminum shovel that he purchased to shape mini parks at their camps and other things throughout the season. He wrote on it that it was a gift for the shredders and left it stashed in the woods so that all the locals could use it to shape the park. The word got around and pictures started popping up on Facebook. Hondo said, “It was a small way that I was able to love the local shred scene and be the light of Jesus in the snow riding culture.”

Be praying for our friends in Slovenia as they continue to share Christ with the riders in their community.

Wondering where Slovenia is? Check it out: [map address=”Slovenia” type=”roadmap” width=”100%” height=”300px” zoom=”5″ scrollwheel=”yes” scale=”yes” zoom_pancontrol=”yes” popup=”yes”][/map]

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