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Skate Camp

What a rush the past two weeks of skate camp have been! From the outrageous games to clinics all the riders really pushed their abilities to the next level. Our theme of each week was “back to the basics”. Our purpose behind this theme was to encourage riders to champion their basic tricks as well as the basics of faith. At JSAW we see riders all the time try skateboard maneuvers way beyond what they can handle; they are oblivious to the fact that they are not skilled enough to move onto the next levels of tricks. There are many possible factors to blame for this defect, but what we focused on at camp was positively encouraging riders to pursue a vision of being well-rounded. I was pumped to see everyone learn an assortment of new tricks; from dropping in to switch shuvits. Our Bible studies were designed to reach the unchurched. Thus, each day we answered basic level questions about the Gospel, the Bible, prayer, and the importance of being apart of a Christian community. All of the riders involved in our second week of camp had no concept of the term “Bible study”, so it came to be known as “Bible time”. I thought this was so cool because they did not bring any Christian terminology or perspective with them; it was authentic. I was amazed at the depth of understanding of an 11 year-old rider. He asked questions like “who made God? Can God sin? How do we know we are saved from our sin? What happens after we die?” The very last day we went on a day trip out to St. Cloud, which is famous for its’ elaborate outdoor skate plaza. The plaza is not only large in size but lined with granite features, creative drops and gaps that many skaters picture Heaven being like in their dreams. After a few hours at this skatepark we journeyed over to the quarries for some swimming and cliff jumping. Needless to say, both weeks ended with new tricks landed, new memories made, and no energy left to stand up straight. Thanks to everyone that donated meals and scholarships to make camp the best experience for these riders this summer. Your contribution allowed us to maximize our time and influence on riders for the glory of God.

(“Bible time” with Brandon on prayer)

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