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Uptown Park Project Provides Indoor Skateboarding for 537 Unique Riders

I want to share the incredible journey we've been on with our Uptown Park Project. At JSAW, our passion is all about transforming action sports culture by making riders into disciples. So, we embarked on an adventure and opened the Uptown Park Project, a temporary indoor skatepark nestled in the heart of the 7 Points Mall in Uptown. It was a unique facility that provided skaters with a cozy space to shred during the winter months while allowing us to spread the love of Christ through outreach ministry.

We couldn't be happier with the outcome of the Uptown Park Project. From mid-December to the end of April, we had a whopping 1,451 check-ins and served 537 unique riders. The overwhelming support and positive feedback we received from the local skate community warmed our hearts. We're grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe haven for skaters and build lasting relationships that go beyond the closing of the park.

Our vision of making riders into disciples came to life through this project. We had the privilege of not only providing a rad spot for skaters to do their thing but also connecting with the incredible members of the local skate community. One particular story that stands out is of the boy across the mall. There was a young boy who spent almost everyday hanging out at the mall because his mom owned the store across the atrium. At first he observed the skating from afar but he eventually started coming into the skate park everyday to watch the action. Before long, seeing her son’s interest in skating, his mom bought him his own skateboard. From then on he was riding almost everyday while talking to and hanging out with the staff and outreach leaders. As a result of the Uptown Park Project, this boy was able to find a sense of community and build lasting relationships with our leaders who can now disciple him in his faith.

One of our riders being interviewed by Fox 9 News

As the weather warms up and the Uptown Park Project has come to a close, we remain dedicated to finding innovative ways to share the love of Christ through skateboarding. Whether it's through future indoor skateparks, exciting outreach events, or other awesome programs, we're committed to creating meaningful experiences and fostering a community rooted in faith, friendship, and a shared passion for skateboarding.

If you're as stoked about our mission as we are, we'd love for you to join us! Check out our website at to learn more about JSAW and how you can be part of our skateboarding and discipleship movement.

Keep shredding and spreading the gospel!

The JSAW Crew

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