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Rider Spotlight – Danny Wyant

My name is Danny Wyant. I attend Southview Middle School. I have an older brother and a twin sister. I love skateboarding, snowboarding and playing xbox with friends.

Being a Christ follower means being kind and gentler to others and hoping for the best for them and others. To me, being a disciple means telling others God is on their side and willing to help them through what they are going through.

I got contacted with JSAW through skateboard lessons at Help Boardshop. But since then I have learned a lot more and grown by being here. I love the environment here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. By being mentored here at JSAW, I am growing and learning more and more about God and stuff each day. There’s nothing I really don’t like about being here. I love it how it is. I love the workers here and the events they put on.

Fun facts about me? My favorite pro skaters are Tony Hawk ,of course and Kader on BAKER skateboards. My favorite skate brands are Santa Cruz and Baker. My local is Help Boarshop. I like to listen to Tyler the Creator. I love making friends. I love riding because it provides a great distraction from everything going on around me and I love the progression and falls of skateboarding.

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